National Engineering Research Center for Fermentation Technology

The National Engineering Research Center for Fermentation Technology (referred to as: Engineering Center) is a national-level fermentation technology engineering research center approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and jointly funded by Fengyuan Group, Tianjin University, Jiangnan University and the Institute of Plasma Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main responsibility of the engineering center is to carry out research on bacterial seed technology, fermentation technology, separation and extraction technology, environmental treatment technology, etc., and undertakes bio-based chemical biorefinery, straw bio-method ethanol production, and self-flocculating yeast clear liquid production ethanol. A national 863 plan project and a provincial key research project.

Since its establishment in 2003, the Engineering Center has achieved a number of excellent results, including straw cellulose conversion and utilization technology, production technology for a variety of organic acids, amino acids, alcohols, vitamins, nucleic acids, and four-carbon alcohols. More than 180 major method patent technologies have been obtained or applied for. Among them, the straw cellulose-based ethanol technology was included in the national science and technology support plan, and entered the Anhui provincial and ministerial consultation mechanism. The 5000t/year industrialization demonstration line passed the expert demonstration organized by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission; the co-production of xylitol with corncob as raw material The citric acid technology, 3000t/year industrialization demonstration line has also passed the expert appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department.

In terms of the industrialization of engineering technology, a number of technologies in the engineering center have been applied to the group’s new projects: since 2003, the lysine strains with independent intellectual property rights have been continuously optimized and improved, and the extraction route has also been innovatively designed. The lysine production line will be put into operation in September 2017; the threonine strains in the engineering center have been continuously optimized for 8 years, and the strain performance is in the forefront of the industry, and the pilot-scale extraction yield and other important indicators are also at the leading level in the industry , The process has been applied and implemented in Fengyuan Chemical, and Fengyuan Threonine products will be put on the market at the end of 2017.

R&D projects currently being implemented by the Engineering Center (partial)

Research on L-malic acid industrialization

D-lactic acid fermentation technology upgrade

Research on L-lactic acid fermentation and extraction technology

Research on Organic Acid Fermentation Technology and Extraction Technology

Lysine strain improvement, fermentation and extraction process optimization

Threonine strain improvement, fermentation and extraction process optimization

Optimization of Glucosamine Fermentation Process and Study on Extraction Process

Optimization of fermentation and extraction process of new strains of L-alanine

Sialic acid product development

Research on new VC strains and extraction technology

Research on VE New Process Technology

Research on VA and Citral Process Technology

VB5 New Technology Research

Research on Optimization of VB6 Process