In October 1998, BBCA France SAS, the first overseas subsidiary of BBCA Group, was incorporated in Paris. The company is located in the city of  Bussy-Saint-Georges. It is mainly engaged in the distribution of food additives and feed additives, and the agent of French Bordeaux and other brands of wine in China.

BBCA Group, is a mixed-ownership enterprise with management and backbone holdings and state-owned shares. It is a domestic large-scale bio-fermentation engineering technology technology industry company and a national innovative high-tech enterprise. It currently holds BBCA Pharmaceuticals and shares Shandong Geology and Minerals stock.It  have industrial companies such as BBCA Biochemical, Tiger Bio, BBCA Biomaterials, BBCA Gelatin, BBCA Food, BBCA Chemical Equipment, etc. and domestic and foreign trading companies, and have national engineering research on fermentation technology Center and BBCA Pharmaceutical National Enterprise Technology Center are two scientific and technological innovation platforms. The company has undertaken a number of national scientific and technological projects for biological fermentation technology, and has more than 500 invention patents and more than 170 major technological invention patents.